Saturday, March 31, 2012

He loves us anyway...

Meditating on His goodness and steadfast love that NEVER gives up on us, His children.
How is it possible that even in the midst of our sin, He still continues to pursue our hearts and give us so many opportunities to give up and let Him lead us, to life and life ABUNDANTLY?

He has called us to live according to His word, not because He wants to keep us from having a good time, but because He loves us SO much that he sees us reaching for the things we think we want, but that He knows will harm us in the end.

I've been struggling so much lately, so if you read this, please pray for me.

Recently, I've allowed myself to forget how good He is, and how perfect His plan is for my life. I've slowly stepped out of accountability and authority of His Spirit and gone my own way, thinking it would be best, at least temporarily.

For a while, in my sin, I felt nothing, and I thought maybe I had almost gotten away with it... I felt no horrible conviction or regret and have to admit that that was even scarier then the thought of His discipline. Was it possible that it was all in my head?

Of course, the hammer came swinging down and before you know it His RIGHTEOUS Spirit was there dealing with my heart. All at once I realized how far out I'd allowed myself to go, and how miserable it had made me feel. His Spirit was grieved not because He was mad at me, but because He hurt with me... For the wages of sin are death....

I finally see that He was never trying to keep me from what I wanted, He only wanted to give me what He knew I needed, and that could only be found in Him. He doesn't desire to make us hold back, He desires to have us hold out, for what is BEST! I could've preached this all to someone before in some way or another, I know the word... But it is not about words anymore, it is about WALK... I am no longer interested in how GREAT I TALK, but how STRAIGHT I WALK. Head knowledge goes to some point with people, heart knowledge goes a long way, but application is the only thing that will produce life in my faith.

It's been told to me time and time again, "Good is the enemy of GREAT"
Wouldn't that be the best tactic for Satan to use to trip us up?
Was it not bread that Satan offered Jesus in Matthew 4? Is not bread a good thing? Jesus even used it to feed the 5,000 (John 6). Even things that are good are wrong if the timing is not from the Lord, and the reason that is, is because He can see the big picture, we cannot.

It is not an easy road to follow the Lord, but a good indicator of whether or not you're in trouble is if the road is growing broader and broader... It's a two part system, following Jesus. Yes, we accept Him, and that is when we go through the gate, but what about the road...?

Matt. 7:14 - "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."


Yuri Richardson said...

Thanks for this post.

I invite you to read my post here:

I pray that it will help you.

Shalom In Yahshua.

Tiffany Harper said...

I love this. I just found you through IG today and the honesty in this post. Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for you this morning.